Photo 15 Feb 27 notes No Shade! But yea …. 😆

No Shade! But yea …. 😆

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    I actually don’t mind answering questions just wait to ask them.
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    All are welcome. The more the merrier. All I ask is be up to speed with the general philosophy. Basic bitches need not...
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    I love newbies! Recruiting Gladiators is what I do! HOWEVER—Don’t be asking me questions during the show!...
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    This is mean spirited. Who gives a care if they (we) are new? Shit, the show itself is only in its 2nd season.
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    I still consider myself pretty new here too. I think newbies are good! It means more people are on board with this...
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    I LOVE NEW GLADIATORS TOOOOO!!!! Just don’t try me. I ain’t here for no Mellie shipping, Fitz-hating bullshit. Okay?...
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    That is indeed a damn lie. I love converting people and turning converts to addicts! It’s the least I can do for the...
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    that’s a lie.We love new Gladiators.!
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